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Iphone 8 Prices publication features – all we know so far

Iphone 8 Prices publication features – all we know so far

Iphone 8 Prices publication features release dateĀ – all we know so far Still, the “iPhone 8” is not announced, but rumors about it are already in abundance. As the smartphone 2017 celebrates its tenth birthday, great is expected. Key features include An edgeless screen, no home button, 3D facial recognition scanner, a glass case, change to OLED technology, and more. There are also two other models that are currently traded as “iPhone 7s”. The performance is expected in September and the price for the top model is expected to be over 1000 dollars.



IPhone 8 / iPhone X in a new design

It’s not really a secret that Apple’s chief designer Jony Ive dreaming of a smartphone that looks like one-of-a-kind, preferably glass. A first step in the direction already went the iPhone 7 in diamond black, for the iPhone 8 is rumored to come also the glass case. For the stability, a stainless steel grille should provide the interior. In short, aluminum is history.

The new design is intended to meet not only the housing, but also the other arrangement. According to various reports, Apple will succeed the trick to pack a 5.8 inch screen in a case, which is only about the size of the iPhone 7 in 4.7 inches. For this, old concepts are to be thrown overboard. So the home button is not to be at all, instead a “function bar” on the screen as a possible replacement is traded. The speakers could also be let into the screen.

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More biometrics in the iPhone 8

Because the missing home button could be a potential technological challenge for Apple, the manufacturer should consider an alternative to secure the smartphone securely and easily. More specifically, there should be a recognition of the face – something that others have already failed; Those systems could be tricked with a photo too often. Apple wants to go a step further and recognize the face three-dimensionally, in order to counter such manipulations. For this purpose, an infrared camera is to be installed in the front next to the normal camera. It can also recognize an image in the dark and contribute to a 3D image by its spatial boundaries. This technique could also be opened for developers to implement Augmented Reality apps.


Charging without cable

The Apple Watch has already made it, the iPhone could follow. The talk is of cordless charging. This is to be made possible by the glass housing. The reason for the assumption that Apple is at least seriously thinking about the possibility is the fact that the company joined the Wireless Power Consortium in spring 2017, which has passed the Qi standard. From the rumors, Apple would develop a new technology, which can recharge the battery over longer distances, will probably be nothing for now.



OLED instead of IPS – better picture for the iPhone

Another important point, which is to distinguish the iPhone 8, is the screen technology. Apple has since the iPhone 4 (2010) to the IPS TFT technology stuck. Other manufacturers have been using OLED panels for years. These are potentially more economical, offer a better black spot and come without background lighting. Apple’s Apple Watch is a pioneer, which has been equipped with an OLED display since the first generation.

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Memory, memory, battery – and the price

The memory is something, which makes Apple pay well, the memory is something, which is usually not spoken. The iPhone 8 is rumored to come in either 64 or 256 GB. Apple removes most of the options from previous generations. This is to be noted as positive because with at least 64 GB, most users can do without the use of the cloud, which is only a limited help in ever-increasing apps anyway.

The memory is supposed to be 3 GB. That sounds a lot initially but is actually no change compared to the iPhone 7 Plus that was also equipped with 3 GB. It is said that Apple had chosen to pay extra attention to the extra data generated by the dual camera.
Price is supposed to be the iPhone 8 above 1000 dollars. That sounds like more than it really is. Because it is about the top model, so the one with 256 GB and that already costs 969 dollars plus taxes. If Apple is really only the four-digit model, the price increase would still be within the framework.

In addition, the battery is of interest to the user, because it determines how much can be done between two charging operations. Also, there are rumors, which say that the battery is about to be at the level of the iPhone 7 Plus, as regards the capacity. At the same time, considering the fact that the OLED screen is much more economical, one can look forward to a tremendous increase in battery life, provided the reports correspond to the facts.


If it is not to be the top model: iPhone 7s

In addition to the iPhone 8, Apple will also have two “iPhone 7s” in preparation. As the name suggests, these are further developments of the iPhone 7, with no significant changes to the design. Your sales price is to be significantly more competitive than the iPhone 8 case is the case. But you will have to do without the borderless design and the OLED screen.


When does the iPhone 8 come?

If Apple is on its own rotation, the iPhone 8 should be presented again in September. The launch of the market is likely to take place around the same time. This year, Apple is also by the way, the mass production earlier to start – possibly, are limited, as they were in the previous years the rule, a bit.




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