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Apple iPhone 4, Apple 4G, Apple TV 4K The summary of Apple ads

Apple iPhone 4, Apple 4G, Apple TV 4K The summary of Apple ads

Apple iPhone 4, Apple 4G, Apple TV 4KbThe

summary of Apple ads

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Apple presented its new releases at a keynote held in Cupertino on Tuesday. No fewer than five new products have been announced. Summary.


Keynote loaded and particularly awaited for Apple … Tim Cook and his teams presented on Tuesday night from the Apple Park, in Cupertino, California, the new releases of the apple brand. Some mark a turning point for the firm, the iPhone and the Apple Watch in particular; others confirm the dynamics launched in recent years, such as Apple TV.

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The iPhone X, the one that comes out the big game

It was the most anticipated iPhone for many years. For more than two years, the first rumors about him had appeared on the Web. Until now known as the iPhone 8, it is indeed under the name of iPhone X that the one that must mark the ten years of the smartphone to the apple was introduced by Tim Cook.

The iPhone X comes out with a new design with a fully-built glass court, a new edge-to-edge screen covering the entire front of the device, or almost disappearing from the home button, wire by induction, new system of authentication by facial recognition 3D …: the anniversary iPhone multiplies the innovations and the innovations. Not to mention the arrival of an OLED screen for more vivid colors and better contrast ratio, a first on an Apple smartphone. Inside, there is also the arrival of an ultra-powerful A11 Fusion processor that should not leave room for the slightest slowdown.

The whole will be offered in two colors, the now traditional black jet and gray silver. Pre-orders will be available on October 27, before marketing, on November 3rd.

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The iPhone 8, the one that hides its game well

At first glance, we could say that it looks like two drops of water to its predecessors, the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, launched in September 2016. But it would not dwell on a phone that brings much more novelties than we think. On the form already. Although the latter only evolves very slightly – a few millimeters here, a few grams per part – the metal used has given way to the glass. The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, available in three colors, jet black, silver gray and a new gold, are indeed all made of glass.

This will allow the arrival of another major innovation: the wireless charging by induction. As on the iPhone X, it will be possible to recharge the two devices simply by placing them on a compatible surface without having to connect any cable. And inside too, things are moving. The A10 chip leaves the very powerful A11 Fusion processor, the same as the iPhone X, capable of running all applications without any slowdown, and more suited to the augmented reality now offered in iOS 11.

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The Apple Watch Series 3, a new take-off

Again, the update might seem anecdotal … After all, what’s the point of offering a stand-alone watch connected in 4G? To call with? This is possible, but perhaps not the most important … Because the arrival of a 4G connection on the Apple Watch Series 3 – that’s his name – opens up many new possibilities to the apple watch.

Thanks to this connection, the Apple Watch will no longer need to be close to the iPhone to which it is connected to operate. What to allow, for example, to receive his notifications when you go out to do sports without his smartphone or when he has left his iPhone on his desk. This also allows us to develop new uses. It will indeed be possible to listen to his favorite playlists on Apple Music without going through his mobile. Possible also to send SMS when its iPhone has no more battery … A new world and an infinity of possibilities in sum …

Side battery, to prevent the autonomy does not fall too strongly, Apple has carried out many optimizations. As a result, the brand announces a full-day autonomy.


Apple TV takes the next step

New processor more powerful, but especially compatibility with ultra-high definition (4K) content and HDR image refresh technology … The Apple TV accelerates. Apple’s new small connected enclosure retains the same format as its predecessor, but with a much more powerful CPU, the same as the iPad Pro, the A10X. With the arrival of the 4K, Apple will also offer adapted content. On iTunes, movies available in 4K will be at the same price as Full HD versions. The content of Netflix and Amazon Prime Video will also be available.

Steve Jobs Theater, unparalleled detail care

And it was also an announcement … Hard to miss the brand new Steve Jobs Theater, whose keynote was the first event. A 1,000 seat amphitheater, located in the heart of Apple Park, Apple’s new campus, in Cupertino, California. A room all in the basement which one feels has been imagined with the greatest attention to detail … Seats ultra-comfortable, sockets for each guest, large demonstration space and perfect acoustic … Apple seems to have brought to its auditorium the same attention as its products. And it’s a success.

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