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Apple Watch Series 3 specifications prices more popular then Rolex

Apple Watch Series 3 specifications prices more popular then Rolex

Apple Watch Series 3 specifications prices more

popular then Rolex


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Apple Watch Series 3: Generation of Emancipation

The Apple Watch Series 3, the latest version of the connected watch from Apple, is released from the iPhone thanks to 4G connectivity. But the manufacturer has brought some other developments to the Apple Watch, touted as now more popular than Rolex.

The Apple Watch no longer depends on an iPhone for connectivity. Starting with the Apple Watch Series 3, users will be able to pay an additional charge each month to their mobile operator to have a 4G connection.

Apple announced Tuesday the latest generation of its connected watch at the inaugural event of the Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino, California.

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10 euros per month for 4G more?

With integrated cellular connectivity, the watch can receive e-mails or messages, and it can receive or make calls without an iPhone nearby. Previously, the Apple Watch required a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection for connectivity.

Users of the Apple Watch Series 3 will not be forced to have an additional phone number specific to the watch, as is the case with connected Android watches that connect to mobile operators.

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Apple Watch 4G: Why You Should not Wrap

In the US, the top four carriers announced that the Apple Watch Series 3 will operate on their respective networks. AT & T will charge users $ 10 per month for the watch to access its network, sharing the active mobile subscription of the user. Verizon Wireless will offer three months of free service to Apple Watch Series 3 users. Then the service will be charged $ 10 per month. T-Mobile and Sprint have not yet announced pricing [In France, only Orange appears in the list of partner operators, but no pricing is announced].

To be clear, users who buy the Series 3 model with cellular connectivity are not obliged to activate it on a mobile plan.

Apple CEO Tim Cook started the Apple Watch component of the keynote announcing a 50% growth in the last quarter compared to the same period last year. Cook also ensures that the Apple Watch is now the most sold watch in the world and displays a level of customer satisfaction of 97%.

A faster processor, improved Wi-Fi and Bluetooth chip, and a screen that serves as an antenna, all come together in a box the size of the Apple Watch Series 2.

Outside, besides highlighting red on the digital crown, the Apple Watch Series 3 is identical to its predecessors.

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The new Apple Watch Series 3 is on sale from September 15, with a starting price of $ 399 for the cellular version [449 euros in France]. Apple has created a non-cellular version of the Series 3, priced at $ 329. The Apple Watch Series 3 will be officially launched on September 22nd.

Also announced were new bracelets for the Apple Watch, including exclusive Nike colors and a new sports loop.


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