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iPhone 7s, iPhone 8, iPhone X what will Apple’s next smartphone look like?

iPhone 7s, iPhone 8, iPhone X what will Apple’s next smartphone look like?

iPhone 7s, iPhone 8, iPhone X what will Apple’s

next smartphone look like?

RUMORS – On Wednessday, September 13, the suspense will come to an end. Tim Cook and his family will unveil their new iPhone during Apple’s traditional back-to-school keynote. The usual renewal of small and large format. And a new one to mark the 10 years of the iPhone. One tries to disentangle the truth from the false to know what they may look like.

10 years. It’s been a decade since Steve Jobs introduced his iPhone to the world, an unprecedented device making phone, camera, internet access and music player. Paving the way for a new technological world as well as a new era in telephony and human relations, Apple’s iconic boss unveiled the first ever smart mobile phone capable of everything, adding more applications and services or games.

More than a billion devices sold later, Apple continues to sell its flagship product, elected in 2016 by TIME Magazine as the most influential high-tech object in history, like buns. But how can it be renewed differently than technologically year after year? By sgrading the innovations to the drip, iPhone after iPhone. Only to mark the shot and birthday, Apple must hit hard. In addition to the now annual cadence of two iPhone, a high-end version will be added exceptionally on Tuesday, September 12 as the firm keeps its keynote for the first time at the Steve Jobs Theater of its new campus in Cupertino.


Three iPhone or nothing…

Announced for several months, the arrival of a third iPhone in the 2017 vintage seems hardly to doubt. The 7s and 7s Plus versions are almost certain and we are also expecting a birthday model that would carry with it all the latest innovations home while waiting for the 2018 vintage, even year for the big upsets of the iPhone.

Level gauge, there should also be change. In addition to the formats 4.7 inches (iPhone) and 5.5 inches (iPhone Plus), a third model even larger 5.8 inches. Yet, with its total OLED screen, the iPhone 8 could even be less bulky than the iPhone 7 Plus.


A new design

Since the iPhone 6 released in 2014, the design of the California smartphone has not evolved, a few millimeters by. In other words, the rumors announce this time a real turning point. But for how many devices? IPhone “s” generally improve the bottom of the device, but not its shape. Only the iPhone 7 already resembled its predecessor. This would mean that a fourth declination would resume the same pace, even if we speak of a chassis designed more in glass than in aluminum. For the iPhone 8 (code name), the most talkative video was the fruit of a work of the site Tiger Mobiles and Twitter account Onleaks who developed a prototype from the various rumors including that of the rear camera double sensor which would tilt vertically.

But it was finally Apple that gave the most details, unintentionally, after the firmware leak of the connected HomePod speaker spotted by a developer. It showed a design of the look of the next iPhone, letting appear a new design without button under the screen.

Thus, the edgeless design is precise with a simple black strip at the very top for the facade sensors and the loudspeaker. The home button disappeared and with it the TouchID for digital recognition. In a tweet, the always well-informed journalist of Venture Beat, Evan Blass, also published a picture of an Urban Armor Gear iPhone case that revealed a similar design.


iPhone 7s, 8 or Pro?

In March 2016, in the footsteps of the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, Apple had unveiled an iPhone 5s evolved called iPhone SE (Special Edition). It should probably be expected that the birthday iPhone takes on a different name than the simple 7s in the logical order of annual Apple releases. The Californian firm probably not want to dispense with the income of a year of iPhone 7s or anticipate the problem, the high-end iPhone will probably not call iPhone 8. Different alternative names have circulated like iPhone Pro , iPhone Anniversary Edition or even iPhone X. Unless it is simply iPhone or New iPhone to mark the blow. The iPhone Edition Edition seems to hold the…


Less colors

The iPhone 7 is available in silver, gold, pink gold, jet black, matt black and red (limited edition). These colors may not be returned. Only two preserved colors (black and silver) are mentioned. A small news item baptized for the moment “Blush Gold” and close to a copper version appeared on the Weibo network, evoking an internal source at Foxconn, one of the suppliers of the iPhone. But hard to imagine Apple going without pink gold that works so well.

Goodbye the Touch ID, welcome to facial recognition

One of the big upsets awaited on the iPhone 8 should concern the screen. The 7s and 7s Plus models will probably be equipped with a Retina LCD screen while the third iPhone will finally display the OLED screen which delays its manufacture. However, this OLED screen without borders results in the disappearance of the physical home button and thus of the TouchID of digital recognition. Instead, the two front-facing photo sensors will allow the major addition: facial recognition thanks to 3D cameras. This so-called more reliable technology (even though Samsung has experienced some failures with on its Galaxy S8) would unlock the iPhone without a password. It also appears in the firmware unveiled from HomePod. It remains to be seen where the Touch ID will be located: on the back or on the OLED screen. Unless it disappears purely and simply, the latest rumors evoking Apple’s lack of time to perfect its technology.

The other most anticipated innovations

For several months, experts and analysts evoke dust-proof iPhone (IP68 against IP67 for iPhone 7). The battery promises to be more enduring with possibly a double battery for the price of one, according to TechRadar. It is not excluded that Apple also opts for a change of charging port and switches its iPhone into USB-C like many competing smartphones, but also its range of MacBook Pro. Unsurprisingly, we should see a more powerful A11 chip coupled with 3 GB of RAM. Opinions differ on storage. Some evoke only 64 GB and 128 GB available, leaving the 256 GB equipping the iPhone 7s / 7s Plus Black, but also the entry-level 32 GB. The uncertainty on this point probably comes from the three iPhone that will have features different.

Price and Availability

If the iPhone “standard” should have prices close to those of their predecessors (from 769 €), the iPhone 8 / X will flare the addition with all its innovations. One evokes a first price to more than 1,000 €. The iPhone 7s should be on sale September 22 with pre-orders available from September 15. The birthday iPhone, meanwhile, was not expected before October or even November. But it could eventually arrive much earlier, or even in small quantities at the same time as his comparses.

If the vast majority of these rumors seem based on a few days of the keynote, the uncertainty remains on those that will be attributed to the different iPhone presented. The model temporarily christened iPhone 8 should ship the most advanced while the most “basic” will also find on the iPhone 7s.

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