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Keynote Apple: what will change iOS 11 for iPhone and iPad…

Keynote Apple: what will change iOS 11 for iPhone and iPad…

Keynote Apple: what will change iOS 11 for

iPhone and iPad…

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Control center, productivity, augmented reality … The next version of the iPhone software is full of new features.

The most anticipated keynote of the past few years will feature the iPhone, with a birthday model that will have the daunting task of honoring Steve Jobs and the tenth anniversary of the band’s flagship product. In the wake of the conference will also be deployed the new update of its operating system, iOS 11.

The contours of the eleventh version of the software are already known. As every year in June, Apple took advantage of the keynote opening of the WWDC conference to unveil the major changes that will transform the majority of iPhone and iPad by the end of the month.

The interface and design remain broadly unchanged. But some new features are preparing the ground for more important movements for the future of the Apple ecosystem such as bringing the operation of the iPad and the Mac and the launch of the ARKit platform to open the iPhone to reality increased.

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A new control center

The control center interface (accessible from the bottom of the screen) and the notification center (at the top of the screen) has been completely redesigned. The functions remain the same: Wifi, Bluetooth, flashlight, etc. But they are now displayed on a single page whereas it was necessary to navigate between two pages until now. Extended Touch 3D Touch provides access to a context menu for advanced settings. The dock will occupy less space and will be customizable to the envi.

New gestures for the iPhone

With the announced disappearance of the physical home button, the iPhone will inaugurate new gestures: from bottom to top to unlock the device, up and down from an application to display multitasking mode. If you do not have a Touch ID button, unlocking should be done using a facial recognition system.

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A document scanner in Notes

The Notes application gains new features. IPad Pro users can take handwritten notes directly into the application. The camera will scan documents through the application to convert them into PDFs that can be annotated and shared.

An improved Siri

Pioneer of personal assistants in 2011, Siri is today too limited to compete with the solutions of Google and Amazon. Apple has deepened its virtual assistant in anticipation of the release of the HomePod at the end of the year.

Siri is now able to take into account the context (Internet searches, emails, messages) to answer a question. More proactive, Siri will be able to draw in user habits to suggest predictive search suggestions, such as the address of a place mentioned in Messages or an ad read on a recently viewed site.

Siri will also be able to instantly translate sentences from English to French, Chinese, Spanish, German and Italian. In Apple Music, Siri will be able to answer questions like “who plays drums on this track”. Thanks to an improved technology, the Apple assistant will be able to pronounce the same sentence with different intonations. The information will always be encrypted from end to end.

apple arena i padAugmented reality functions

In order to democratize the augmented reality, Tim Cook launched in June ARKit, a platform for developers wishing to design augmented reality applications for the iPhone and iPad. The latter will benefit from tools enabling them to take advantage of the sensors and resources of Apple’s processors. Among the concrete uses, Apple demonstrates the integration of virtual objects and games of lights into a real plan simply by looking through an iPhone or iPad.

A more flexible multitasking in the iPad

The new Apple OS brings several features of macOS to iPad and finally allows for the possibility that the iPad Pro can be an alternative to a laptop. iOS 11 hosts a first file explorer named Files. This application allows you to browse the file tree on the tablet or on iCloud and supports the “drag and drop” of one or several files like any computer.

With iOS 11, the iPad gets a new dock similar to that of the Mac. Available from any screen by scanning from the bottom up, it is fully customizable and will showcase applications in a smart way, such as the newest or most used. The multitasking mode of the iPad is more flexible, with more precise window management and more flexibility to move from one application to another through previews that resemble the mission control mode of the Mac.

A competitor for Paypal

Used by half of the traders in the United States, Apple’s mobile payment service will allow to exchange money with its contacts by simple message. It will be possible to send and receive small sums of money through validation via the Touch ID fingerprint sensor. Called Pay Cash, this service comes to hunt on the land of PayPal.

More quiet driving

Apple introduces a “do not disturb” mode in iOS. Once activated, the device recognizes that the user is on the steering wheel and disables the applications to prevent distraction. If someone tries to reach him, an automatic message informs them that he can not be disturbed at the moment.

The list of devices compatible with iOS 11

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Every major update of the iPhone’s operating system leaves on the tile the oldest models. Apple has released its compatibility guide in the wake of the presentation of iOS 11. This year the iPhone 5 and 5C are no longer eligible for upgrade. A customizable control center

  • New effects for photos
  • A more flexible multitasking on the iPad
  • Copy and paste files on the iPad
  • A document manager on the iPad
  • Handwritten notes and a document scanner
  • A more natural Siri
  • A “do not disturb” mode for driving
  • An App Store better presented
  • New navigation options in Plans


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